EV001E: Jordan Dykstra - Cross Sections (chapbook in English)

from Editions Verde

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Cross Sections is a collection of twenty text scores composed by Jordan Dykstra in 2015. Blurring the line between poetry and instruction, these scores create mental music and imagery that allow for many possibilities through interpretation and execution.

01: Sound Body (I)
02: Found Sound (Moving On)
03: Wind Too, To Sound
04: Mental Furniture (For TB)
05: Hip-Hop
06: Sound Body (II)
07: The Walker (For BA)
08: Imagine A Curved Line and Follow It (For LMY & DDD)
09: Until Your Heart Is Mad (For CP)
10-11: Cucumber Water
12: Color Fields
13: Endless Valley
14: Scratch
15: Sound Body (III)
16: Thin, Whispery Clouds
17: Rhythm Wrench
18: Transition
19: Layer Transparent Layers
20: Hooked Up & Going Steady
21: Sound Body (IV)

Blue cover
8.5 x 5.5 in.

This is EV001E
A deep, heartfelt gratitude to Marcel Zaes and Chiyoko Szlavnics.
With thanks also to Volker Straebel, Marc Sabat, Peter Ablinger, and Andreas Levisianos.
Cross Sections is published by Editions Verde in California.
Please do not reproduce content without prior consent.
© Jordan Dykstra, 2015

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